Courtney Read

My Story

My dad and I are on a mission to raise money and raise awareness of my condition in the Channel Islands especially because it is very lonely for me as it’s such a small community in Guernsey.

Courtney’s Personal Story

After being on the radio and TV numerous times, this journey my dad and I have been on in such a short amount of time has made me feel more comfortable with my condition and in a way accept it almost, because this is who I am. I know it’s not going to change and I’m determined, as is my dad to help others in the Channel Islands feel the way I do about it.
Being so open now about my cystic fibrosis has made me feel like I’ve had a massive weight lifted of my chest. (see what I did there) – If only ha ha!
Anyway I was never as such an open book about it because I didn’t want the sympathy or just 20 questions about it all. It would make me feel worse about myself, I wouldn’t want to do anything, see anyone or just let anyone in like my friends, family and boyfriend. I would just push them away as it was easier for me to deal with at the time. It felt like my only way out from it all.
You wouldn’t believe that I’ve been on radio a few times and the TV after reading this, but my outlook on it all has completely changed now. My depression I suffer with is not as much as an issue to myself mainly and people around me anymore, I look back and think, wow I really don’t get why I done that to myself and others around me when all they where doing was trying to help.
I couldn’t see that unfortunately.
But now I’m a much more confident person in myself and just in general, I can phone and talk to people with confidence and not be frightened by it. I’ve let the people who mean the most to me back in my life and just become closer to them then I ever have, like my dad. Especially on the journey we are taking together as father and daughter.
So now it’s my turn to give back and help others that may go through equally as rough times as I did and just help them through it. It may be easier said then done, but I’m willing to try my hardest to help others with CF as they don’t deserve to go through this alone.
Even the parents can find it hard for them so my dad and I can be there every step of the way to help families the way they should be helped and get everyone to come together.