What is SmartCareCF?

The rapid advance of smart technology and big data presents an extraordinary opportunity to improve and transform the lives of those with cystic fibrosis.

Using commercially available devices, patients will be able to monitor their condition at home and liaise with their specialist health teams remotely.

If proven, this model of care will reduce the risk of hospital-based cross infections, lessen the daily burden of cystic fibrosis and provide tools to tailor treatment to each individual.

This initial stage of the project is looking at how easy and acceptable home monitoring is for people with CF. Young people and their families will be asked to monitor their CF at home for a total of six months while continuing with their normal clinical appointments; they will be provided with a mobile phone with the study app installed, a lung function monitor, an activity monitor, a thermometer, a heart rate and oxygen level monitor and weighing scales for their use at home.

This link to the CF Trust pages gives more detailed SmartCare CF information:


The CF Trust advise us that the Adult Unit at Southampton is involved in the adult study, but not the Paediatric department. This study will test the proof of concept for a personalised model of care for people with cystic fibrosis.

Please ask your consultant about SmartCare the next time you are at Southampton General Hospital and let us know at CF Guernsey so we can pass the information on.

I’m already looking forward to finding out the results from this, it could be a great step forward in personalising CF care.


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